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Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products. Good apps tailor their behavior to us.

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Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.

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Persistent has latest cutting edge technology and capabilities that cater to the needs of Google Cloud Platform.

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Global delivery teams across 17 countries


Offerings across various industries like Healthcare, Banking, Retail and Telecommunication

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Member of SAFe Agile – Scaled Agile Framework Standardized process, templates and use of DevOPS

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Specialized Strategy Consultants, Technical Architects, Business Analysts, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Mobility & Cloud


Build or use one of our readymade accelerators using various platform features

IP Solutions & Products

An application which provides value to customer by optimizing process, time and coordination using Google Cloud Platform


State-of-the-art solution that extracts healthcare data from various silos and presents it in a consumable form for both healthcare providers and consumers


Provide basic Google Cloud Platform sales motion with a specific target audience of existing AWS workloads


Addressing basic GCP sales motion by moving on premise workloads to Google Cloud Platform

When to engage Persistent?

POCs for faster computation workloads using Google Cloud Platform Vs on premise HADOOP
Digital Transformation / Experiences - Building new data monetization services using Apigee
Healthcare Optimization Analysis - Prebuilt healthcare solutions/experiences

Now is what you think you know about the cloud. Next is what you have yet to imagine.

PDSA –Plan, do, study and act – the mantra of those working in process improvement is an effective approach; but change leaders will tell you of experiences where their efforts fall victim to the overwhelming power of the system. The healthcare industry’s move from fee-for-service to value based care is an arena where you can see a lot of this happening. Project teams struggle through implementing processes that straddle across various organizational units but conflicting incentives prevent many initiatives from achieving reasonable success. An example that most readers could easily relate to are patient experience improvement projects. These often end up straightening all the links toward a comfortable ‘hotel’ stay but still leave most patients dissatisfied because the attending doctor, specialists and nurses are not in sync on patient related activities.