Now is what you think you know about the cloud. Next is what you have yet to imagine.

Enterprises need to be software driven and embrace digital transformation as the new paradigm. Adopting to new business models, to compete with born-digital disruptors. Digital transformation is about new ways of doing business. But how do you make sense of chaos to impact business positively? Google Cloud Platform helps you focus no what’s next for your business. GCP along with Persistent will help businesses bring in speed to their transformations.

No one understands CLOUD like WE do!

Persistent has latest cutting edge technology and capabilities that cater to the needs of Google Cloud Platform.


We Talked about Cloud


Cloud Consultants


Cloud Applications Deployed


Practices & Accelerators

Our offerings


• Developing Business Case
• Cost & Revenue Model
• Assessment Tools
• Migration Strategy


• Incorporate Scalability
• Map to GCP constructs
• Redundancy Design
• Leverage Parallel Processing


• Vega Healthcare Platform
• Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)
• eMee Enterprise Gamification
• Engage 360


• Application level modeling
• Performance & load testing

Key offerings

Professional Services and Consulting

Workload Migration
Configuration and Deployment Consulting
Multi cloud, containerization and Micro Services strategy
Data Center Modernization
Omni Channel enablement
Big Data and Analytics
Dev/Test/Hybrid Deployments

Differentiated Professional Services

Data Platforms for Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and Media
Apigee Services and Migration
GSA Migration

Products and Solutions

Engage 360

An application which provides value to customer by optimizing process, time and coordination using Google Cloud Platform

eMee Enterprise Gamification

Award winning Gamification platform for influencing behavior of your Employees, Customers and Partners

Patient 360

State-of-the-art solution that extracts healthcare data from various silos and presents it in a consumable form for both healthcare providers and consumers

Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)

Security enhancement mechanism based on constant security profile analysis of a user

Coming Soon: Healthcare Coordination, GDPR, Hospital Management, Concert IOT

Delivery Centre Excellence
The Persistent Way

Global Presence

Global delivery teams across 17 countries


Offerings across various industries like Healthcare, Banking, Retail and Media

Delivery of Excellence

Member of SAFe Agile – Scaled Agile Framework Standardized process, templates and use of Devops

Strategy Consultants

Specialized Strategy Consultants, Technical Architects, Business Analysts, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Mobility & Cloud


Build or use one of our ready-made accelerators using various platform features

When to engage Persistent?

POCs for faster computation workloads using Google Cloud Platform Vs on premise

Healthcare Optimization Analysis – Prebuilt healthcare solutions/experiences

Why Google Cloud?

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.

Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics

Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products. Good apps tailor their behavior to us.

Serverless, Just Code

Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.